November 30, 2023

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‘1000-LB Sisters’ Amy Slaton Shows Off Her Trimmed Body With Trendy Dance Moves

Get ready to be amazed as Amy Slaton takes the spotlight with not just her dance moves but also a stunning display of her impressive weight loss.

Since the beginning of her significant health journey, the “1000-LB Sisters” star has been breaking barriers while also embracing her newfound vitality with a display of her artistic side.

Amy Slaton Slays In A Dance Extravaganza

In a recent video shared on her Instagram page, the “1000-Lb Sisters” star, joined by her friend Nick, took on the “Here Kitty Kitty” TikTok trend with infectious enthusiasm. Standing before an elegant white house, the 36-year-old rocked a cute pink leather jacket paired with tight, ripped blue jeans, revealing her visibly slimmer figure. 

The duo engaged in the trendy dance, involving hip movements and thigh taps while singing along to the music, capturing the attention of fans. Amy’s infectious energy and transformed appearance on the post captioned, “Kitty kat. #mommygotsemimoves,” garnered praise from her followers on social media. 

Comments flooded in, expressing admiration for her progress and newfound confidence. One fan exclaimed, “Jesus Amy! You are looking SO good! Keep it up!!!” while others showered her with compliments like, “Get it Amy!” and You. Look. Fabulous!”

Another cybernaut encouraged her to “GEEEIIIITTTT IT,” and a fifth noted, “So cute, love to see you having fun!” One user complimented her outfit, stating, “YOUR JACKET IS F—- FIRE THOUGH. YOU LOOK SO GREAT.”

But the TV personality is not just impressing fans with her dance moves; she is also unveiling an artistic side. The reality star shared a series of paintings on her Instagram, flaunting a blend of arts and crafts. Amy demonstrated her creative prowess from a blue and pink split canvas with silver sparkles to a horizontally painted piece with unique blue and brown hues.

In one eye-catching creation, the mother-of-two depicted a pink moon against an entirely black background. Maintaining a blue theme in another artwork, she showcased a square aqua-green canvas adorned with golden butterflies in the corners. 

Describing the paintings as part of her “art therapy,” the YouTuber’s followers were quick to express their admiration, with one suggesting, “You should sell these!! They are so pretty!!! that’s so cute!” 

Amidst the creative praise, some of her supporters also commended Amy’s overall well-being, expressing happiness and pointing out that she deserved “all the happiness in the world.” As one follower put it, “That’s awesome, girl!” while another marveled at the intricate details, stating, “So so much detail definitely have a talent for it.” 

Tammy & Amy Steal Halloween Spotlight With Jaw-Dropping Transformations

While the social media personality was discreet about her weight loss journey online, she could not resist giving her followers a glimpse of her Halloween magic. Amy Slaton’s Instagram revealed a close-up selfie adorned with captivating purple eyeshadow, false long lashes, and a dazzling sequined dress featuring purple and green hues. 

The single strap of her outfit unveiled one flawless shoulder, leaving fans enchanted with what she described in the caption as “Mermaid vibes Halloween 2023.”

Flooding the comment section with praise, fans gushed, “You look enchanting. Just breathtaking. Keep it up” and “Your makeup is divine girlie!!!” Another excitedly observed, “Loving the aquamarine look on you,” while a fourth chimed, “Loving the long hair! Really suits you.”

Tammy then revealed her costume in a captivating Instagram video. She first flaunted a blue-like skeleton two-piece and flat black shoes before showing off her second look – a floor-length black dress with gold shimmer reminiscent of Cleopatra’s regal attire. 

Like her younger sister, the 37-year-old was praised by fans, who expressed awe at her remarkable transformation. “You look so good, Tammy! We are so proud of you. Happy Halloween love!” shared one fan, while another could not contain their excitement, exclaiming, “F— YEAH! YOU LOOK SO GOOD TAMMY.”

A third wrote, “Wow, what a transformation… you are an inspiration to us all, Happy Halloween.” At the same time, a fourth gushed, “Omg you look amazing,” while someone else observed, “I bet it feels so good to look so good in a Halloween costume and to be able to do a 360!!! Woohoo Tammy!”

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