November 29, 2023

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Fans Are Wondering Why Olivia Rodrigo Isn’t Seeing Taylor Swift Live

It probably won’t take very long for listeners to find a Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo song on the radio.

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Swift is dominating the charts with 2019’s sleeper success “Cruel Summer,” and Rodrigo has two extremely successful singles from her upcoming LP, “GUTS.” Rodrigo would praise  Swift’s songwriting, and reveal her love for Swift’s “New Year’s Day,” which she would use as inspiration on “deja vu,” a song from her first album, “Sour.”

Olivia Rodrigo dedicates explicit song to SCOTUS judges over Roe V. Wade

In an interview with the “Zach Sang Show” Rodrigo would say of Swift, “When I got home [from a road trip], I decided to sing it over the chords from ‘New Year’s Day.’ I think they’re lovely chords. I was lucky to be approved, and it’s on the record now. So yeah, it’s a cool thing,” Rodrigo said. (via The Blast, per HypeBae)

Taylor Swift performs at AT

A recent New York Times profile notes Rodrigo’s answer to the question of whether she has seen Swift’s wildly-successful ‘Eras Tour’ live was “brief.”

Fans on social media are wondering whether there is a reason why the 20-year-old did not go into more detail with her answer!

The Idea Of Reported ‘Bad Blood’ Between The Duo Has Been Raised Before

The Blast recently took a look at the idea, which reportedly originates from Swift and Jack Antonoff later being given songwriting credits on the track.

Olivia Rodrigo Sour album cover shoot

The “driver’s license” songstress would later open up about her feelings toward perception on her songwriting in an interview with Time Magazine: “It was frustrating to see people deny and discredit my creativity.” (per Page Six)

The duo’s alleged feud was reportedly strengthened after it was announced Sabrina Carpenter would be supporting Swift on a number of international tour dates.

The outlet would also report that “the last great american dynasty” singer gifted Rodrigo with a ring. Rodrigo detailed Swift’s “handwritten note” along with “hand-wrapped gifts” included in the package with the ring. The ring reportedly cost over $3,000!

Fans Seem To Think There’s Really Something Happening!

Several threads on X (formerly known as Twitter) were posted in response to Rodrigo’s quote, weighing in and wondering whether there may be some truth to this matter!

Rodrigo’s full quote in the New York Times profile was “I haven’t yet. I’m going to Europe this week.”

“Her going to Europe just for a holiday but successfully dodging the question with an irrelevant truth,” a fan posted.

“Yeah that’s totally why she hasn’t been,” a X user wrote.

“She said: stop talking about Taylor Swift when the interview should be about me People just know that mentioning Taylor Swift in their interview will gain audience, that’s just how it is,” another user weighed in.

“I’m going to clown right now and say she’s a guest for a Europe show. Bookmark this tweet,” a fan theorized.

“the way she worded it is simply rude. She could’ve say like “not yet” or “still didnt” but the way she said it, it seems like “i haven’t and what about it” . idgaf about olivia but i wont bear if anyone disrespect Taylor swift,” another fan wrote.

“Just say she don’t want to attend the tour. She doesn’t need to sugarcoat it,” another follower posted.

“asking myself if the people here in the comments and in the quotes know that the reason she stopped talking about taylor is bc she was literally bullied by swifties,” another X user wrote.

“I read something else saying she plans to attend one of the UK shows! Can’t wait to see her there supporting our queen! Swifties in the comments attacking Olivia need to get a grip. Taylor would hate that behavior,” a Swiftie wrote.

“She doesn’t have to , she is busy working on her music , music videos and promoting her album , she is planning a tour so maybe she just doesn’t have time,” another Swiftie suggested.

“this is a completely normal response ? i also havent yet.,” a fan wrote.

Some of these replies …….. She’s in the process of releasing her own album yall she’s busy af be nice,” a user said.

Many users pointed to the fact Rodrigo has a lot on her plate right now. She is preparing for the September 8th release of “GUTS” and is reportedly in talks to embark on a tour!

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