November 29, 2023

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‘Mrs. Earth’ 2023 Debanjali Kamstra Is Hollywood’s Newest ‘It Girl’

What happens when you are the hottest person on the planet? The people who run Hollywood take notice.The newest ‘Mrs. Earth 2023’ Debanjali Kamstra is making a huge name for herself in the Entertainment business, and at the same time is globally expanding her interior design business.

In most cases, smoking hot models seek out Hollywood producers to become A-list actresses. But, in this case, Debanjali is using her skyrocketing fame to grow a business empire. Veloche, Kamstra’s Dubai-based design firm, specializes in interior fit-out, exhibition, and design consultancy services.

Debanjali Kamstra

Recently, Debanjali became the first-ever candidate to represent the UAE in the ‘Mrs. Earth’ pageant. Following the massive win, the stunning beauty queen opened up about what it was like to fulfill a lifelong dream.

“Can you believe that a dream also comes true? I can’t believe I would bring the crown to the Emirates. It is the year of sustainable development in our country and Mrs. Earth seeks to promote sustainability in our life, fashion, and other areas of living. I want to be a source of inspiration for other girls who want to represent their countries,” she said.

Hollywood’s winning combination, of beauty and brains!

'Mrs. Earth' 2023 Debanjali Kamstra Is Hollywood's Newest 'It Girl'
Debanjali Kamstra

As you can imagine, winning the ‘Mrs. Earth’ catapulted the star to the highest heights of celebrity, and apparently, it might be in her blood.

“I come from a very artistic family, my father and brother are excellent artists in painting and my husband is an amazing singer. I didn’t realize when this passion turned into a business, as my personality helped in securing trust from my customer and turned my passion into generating income and became my career forever,” she pointed out.

As we’ve reported, Hollywood’s elite has taken a huge interest in Dubai from real estate to television and the film industry. Debanjali feels the same about the region, saying, “We forayed into the Dubai market a decade ago, and this city gave me the confidence and tons of opportunities to discover my abilities and potential in the field of interior designing and fashion. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, it has a world-class infrastructure, booming tourism, strong and transparent regulations, and no other city in the world offers so much variety in technology as this city. I have been setting up my international office in the U.K., post that Saudi expansion is on the cards and gradually we are planning to venture into other major international locations too.”

'Mrs. Earth' 2023 Debanjali Kamstra Is Hollywood's Newest 'It Girl'
Debanjali Kamstra

Could be the next Jessica Alba? It just might be…


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