February 25, 2024

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‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall Breaks Silence With ‘Controversial’ Israel War Statement

“The Bachelor” alum Nick Viall is breaking his silence on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the reality television star expressed his “love for the Jewish community” amid the “heartbreaking and devastating” war.

Nick Viall Speaks Out On ‘Devastating’ Israel-Hamas War


The former “Bachelor” lead took to social media Thursday evening to break his silence on the 2023 Israel-Hamas war.

“What’s going on in Israel continues to be heartbreaking and devastating,” Viall began in his Instagram post. “I denounce antisemitism in all forms, and I want to send love to the Jewish community, a community that is suffering an enormous loss, and a community that is met with hatred and threats for voicing their sadness. I stand with you and I mourn alongside you.”

Viall continued, “Hamas is an organization that stands for pure evil and my heart hurts for all the innocent people, Israeli and Palestinian alike, suffering as a result of their brutal, disgusting actions. There is no place for this in the world, now or ever.

Nick Viall’s Statement Stirs Drama

'Bachelor' Star Nick Viall Breaks Silence On 'Heartbreaking' Israel War

Fans immediately took to the comments section to express their own opinions, some attacking Viall for sharing “misinformation”.

“This is misinformation and that hurts me because I had so much respect for you,” one of Viall’s followers commented. “Please watch Arabic news. There is a lot more to it you’re not seeing, western mainstream media only shows one side of the story, the side that is also fabricated and misconstrued. Israeli govt is ethically cleansing 2 million Palestinians in Gaza as we speak. Blocking them from water, food, shelter, and medical needs,” they added.

As another user wrote, “While denouncing Hamas you should also denounce the Israeli govt. innocent civilians have been killed by the actions of both governments. Why does the Israeli govt get a pass?”

Meanwhile, another follower of Viall expressed that the reality television star needs to “do better”. “Meanwhile Palestinians (all religions) have been suffering at the hands of Israeli military forces for 75 years!!! Let’s acknowledge the harm and hurt that’s happening to both sides and the harm happening to those oppressed by Israeli government for decades,” they wrote, adding,” Your heart should hurt just as much if not more for those suffering for years. Standing up for minority and the oppressed is not anti-Semitic.”

They continued, “No one is saying they’re against our Jewish brothers and sisters. No one is saying they’re safety doesn’t matter. We’re voicing against Hamas AND against Israeli military!!!! But please use your platform for educate the injustices and suffering of the 2 millions of Palestians stuck inside Israeli extermination camps for years. Over 50% are children. Do better.”

Death Toll Hits 2,500 In Israel War

'Bachelor' Star Nick Viall Breaks Silence On 'Heartbreaking' Israel War

At least 27 Americans have been killed in Israel since Hamas launched its assault last weekend, National Security Council spokesperson Jon Kirby said on Thursday, per Yahoo.

The 27 American casualties are just a small sliver of the now 2,500 deaths in Israel and Gaza, with thousands of others injured, since Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Saturday,

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