February 24, 2024

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Bruce Willis Holds Daughter Scout’s Hand Gently In Rare Video Amid Dementia Battle

Hollywood veteran Bruce Willis‘ daughter Scout Willis is the latest family member to show off her love for her father online. She took to Instagram to share snaps of herself bonding with the actor, who has been mostly at home since being diagnosed with dementia.

In recent weeks, other members of the Willis family have also expressed their love for the ailing patriarch on their social media pages.

Scout Willis Calls Her Father An Adoring Name

Instagram Stories | Scout Willis

Bruce’s daughter Scout has continued the family’s trend of sharing moments with the beloved actor. Taking to her Instagram Story, she shared loving visuals of herself and her father amid his ongoing struggles with a rare form of dementia.

In one of the uploads, she shared a brief video of herself extending her hand for Bruce to hold. As he did, Scout could be seen smiling for the camera while Bruce had a somber look. 

Bruce Willis' Holds On To Daughter Scout's Hand
Instagram Stories | Scout Willis

Scout accompanied the clip with the caption “My Guy,” hinting at her close connection with her father. The second upload featured Bruce standing upright with his face out of the frame. 

Meanwhile, Scout was seated on a chair, affectionately resting her head on the actor’s right hand while holding her phone for a selfie. The setting appeared to be the family’s home, evidenced by the duo’s casual attire.

Bruce Willis’ Other Daughters Posted About Him

Scout’s post came days after her sister, Rumer, took to Instagram to open up about “missing” her dad. She shared her feelings by uploading a rare picture of herself and her father from when she was a baby.

In the photo, Rumer is seen wearing a sky-blue sun dress and sucking on her finger. Bruce, shirtless, holds her up to his chest with a grin on his face.

Last week, Tallulah, the youngest child of Bruce and his ex-wife Demi Moore and sister to Scout and Rumer, also shared an emotional post about her father. 

She uploaded shots of her and the actor cozying up on a sofa, spending a day out together, and a smiling photo of a younger Bruce appearing on stage. Tallulah also shared a picture of her driver’s license, indicating she also goes by her father’s name.

As the post’s caption, Tallulah penned, “Damn, these photos are hitting tonight.” She added, “You’re my whole damn heart, and I’m so proud to be your Tallulah Belle Bruce Willis.”

Bruce Willis Made A Rare Public Appearance

Bruce Willis at the Motherless Brooklyn premiere at 57th NYFF

Amid the outpouring of love from Bruce’s family in recent weeks, the actor was spotted making a rare public appearance.

This week, the “Die Hard” star was driven around a Los Angeles neighborhood. He had a gloomy look and appeared to be unaware of his environment. He was also not seen stopping to communicate with anyone during the drive.

The ride was seemingly arranged to allow Willis to enjoy some fresh air, a break from the constant indoor life people with his condition must endure. It is unclear how long the ride lasted. Additionally, Willis appeared unaccompanied by his wife, Emma Hemming, or any of his five daughters.

Bruce Willis’ Mental Function Has Deteriorated

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis.

Regarding the actor’s condition, it appears to have worsened over the last few months since he was first diagnosed with dementia. Most recently, fans and concerned individuals received an update from the actor’s friend, Glenn Gordon Caron, about Bruce losing his language skills.

“He’s not totally verbal; he used to be a voracious reader — he didn’t want anyone to know that — and he’s not reading now. All those language skills are no longer available to him, and yet he’s still Bruce,” Caron said in a chat with Page Six.

The film producer added about Bruce’s condition: “When you’re with him, you know that he’s Bruce, and you’re grateful that he’s there, but the joie de vivre is gone.”

In the face of the actor’s challenging situation, his wife, Emma, has maintained a positive outlook for the future. In an op-ed for Maria Shriver’s The Sunday Paper for November’s Caregiver Month, the British model revealed that she has “so much more hope” than she initially had after Bruce was first diagnosed.

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