February 25, 2024

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Jessie James Decker Fires Back Over Recipe Controversy: ‘Food Is Food’

Jessie James Decker is getting ready to release her third cookbook. To promote her upcoming “Just Feed Me” book, she is sharing recipes to social media, including her most recent one for monkey bread.

Decker Fires Back at Fan


Jessie James Decker took to Instagram to share a recipe for monkey bread, which will be featured in her new cookbook.

“Theresa came to explain just how EASY my ooey gooey monkey bread is to make from my new cook book out October 10th ? Perfect for fall weather? and for me who’s craving all the breads and sweets ? link in bio to pre order ? @justfeedme,” she captioned the Reel.

One user was not happy with Decker’s monkey bread recipe as they commented, “how are you claiming that Monkey Bread, that’s been around for decades, is your recipe? and then putting it in your own cookbook? how is this right?”.

Decker, herself, replied to the comment, clapping back with, “@ryandwysmom every recipe or food you see stems from another food or recipe or has been around for years. Food is food. Everyone has their own “take” on a recipe. This is my take … and for those that didn’t grow up having it, this is for them to now have to make their own food memories with this classic yummy goodness that I love to enjoy with my family❤️?”

Fans Come To Decker’s Defense

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Instagram | Jessie James Decker

Other fans also came to Jessie James Decker‘s defense, replying to the comment with things such as “@ryandwysmom it’s her take on it. I’ve never made mine like this but was thinking hmm, I need to try it this way” and “@ryandwysmom her cook book is very personable just like a lot are, anyone can make one. She is just sharing her own home kitchen recipes.”

A third commented, “@jessiejamesdecker Thank you! I’ve never made it nor had it and I just turned 60 years old, so I am one of those people who are looking forward to your Cookbook! God Bless and keep on being awesome!! ❤️”

While one of Decker‘s fans expressed, “@ryandwysmom how is she claiming it? Recipes are to share. Are you angry she made a cookbook that included home baking recipes that some of us had the pleasure of making growing up with our grandmas? Some didn’t have that luxury. I learned so much from my grandma about cooking and baking and I think it’s awesome she’s spreading the love and sharing recipes like this. They are easy, inexpensive and so good!”

As other fans commented things such as “SO GOOD ? The secret is all in the sauce (this one’s extra thick and gooey ?)” and “This is so special my teen and I would make this together ALL the time! It was the dish that made her feel most confident with cooking when she was little ?? @jessiejamesdecker”.

Lastly, one of Decker’s followers wrote, “I totally want to make this right now…. It looks soooo goood!”

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