February 25, 2024

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Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos Get FRISKY On ‘Live’ Taping

The controversy surrounding Kelly Ripa and Mark Conselous continues as on this morning’s ‘Live With Kelly and Mark’ taping, Kelly Ripa put her hands down her husband’s shirt.

The talk show host shoved her hands down her husband’s shirt on the ‘Live’ taping after he attempted to hide some notes in there.

Kelly Ripa Shoves Hands Down Mark Consuelos’s Shirt


Ripa and Consuelos were temporarily off-camera as a vacation prize package played on Tuesday, November 7’s taping, but when the cameras cut back to the co-hosts, Ripa was standing up next to Consuelos with her hand in his shirt. The two were laughing hysterically.

The talk show host eventually made her way back to her seat, with a crumpled ball of notebook paper that she found in her co-host’s shirt. The frisky, yet hilarious, moment was caught on camera as they filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Skip to approximately 24 minutes into the clip below to see the frisky moment.

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Ripa later revealed that the paper that she found down Consuelos’s shirt had notes on it that he had prepared for his “Stump Mark” segment.

“Sorry, I just wanted our audience to see how much preparation Mark puts into this,” Ripa said while still laughing and unraveling the piece of paper.

Past Controversies Surrounding Kelly Ripa and Mark Conselous

Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos 'Too Sexy'? Discuss 'Penises' On Live TV

The couple currently co-hosts “Live With Kelly and Mark” together where they discuss various topics. Lately, the two have been discussing their sex life. For example, on a recent episode of “Live With Kelly and Mark”, the co-hosts discussed how female frogs sometimes play dead to avoid sexual intercourse with male frogs, to which Kelly Ripa compared her love life to.

“Let me just say they learned that from us,” Ripa told audience members, to which Consuelos joked that he keeps a “little mirror” next to the bed, so he can tell when Ripa “fakes her own death.”

When his wife is “faking her own death, I put it over her face to see if she’s breathing. If it fogs up, it’s gonna be a nice Friday night!,” he said, to which Ripa then joked, “That’s why I’ve learned to hold my breath for 7 to 18 minutes. He thinks I’m dead constantly.”

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Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos 'Too Sexy'? Discuss 'Penises' On Live TV

Plus, the week prior to the female frog talk, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were discussing the new viral TikTok trend of people rubbing hot peppers on their lips to attempt to make them appear bigger. That is when the “Riverdale” actor told Ripa not to do it because those peppers are “very dangerous”.

“Once you touch these things, and you touch something else…,” Conselous said as he pointed to several parts of his body. The 52-year-old then added that the peppers are “very irritating” and can even be “very, very dangerous.”

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The couple currently hosts the show together after Ryan Seacrest left his co-host position earlier this year.

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