February 24, 2024

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Reddit Wars: The Wild Debate On Donald Trump’s Height And Weight!

People can’t stop talking about the fact that Donald Trump claimed to be 6’3, 215 pounds. Many call BS and have shared comparisons and their thoughts on social media. 

A recent Reddit thread on the topic has a debate on the topic going wild. A side-by-side photo of Trump and one of Baltimore Ravens player Lamar Jackson, who is 6’2, 220 pounds, simply captioned, “Seems legit” starts the conversation.

SkepticDrinker – Reddit

Not Buying It!

“If you actually believe Trump only weighs 215lbs you’re legit a stupid person. Mans pushing 3 bills EASY. Morons.”


Straight Up Lying

“Hi, I’m 6’2 and mostly 230. I can confirm that I’m overweight but that he’s straight up lying.”


Fat Lighter Than Muscle

“I’m waiting for the “fat is lighter than muscle argument” despite the fact that they aren’t even the same body type.”


Stock photo
Stock Photo – Canva

Depends On What You’re Full Of

“Lamar Jackson is full of muscle. Donald Trump is full of shit.”


Not Buying It (In The Most Sarcastic Way Possible)

“Are you trying to tell me that THE Donald John Trump, former President of the United States of America and failed businessman, a man with over 34 felony charges and permanently salivating for men named Vladimir, lied to everyone about his height and weight?! Preposterous. I refuse to believe it.”


There’s No Way

“There’s no way this is an accurate depiction. I’m 5’10”, 210lbs and don’t actively go to the gym anymore. I don’t look like the left at all. He’s got to be minimum 250+ for that height to look like that.”


Stock photo
Stock photo – Canva

Muscle vs. Fat

“Muscle weighs more than fat BY VOLUME. Weight is gravity times mass. 5lbs of muscle takes up less space than 5lbs of fat. The guy on the right is ripped and the guy on the left is a liar. Weighs More Than Fat.”


Is Weight Self-Reported?

“The real question here is, if he gets sentenced to prison time, do they weigh him as he is admitted? Or is it always self reported?”


The Jokes Just Keep Coming

“Hey it’s not Trump’s fault that all NFL players and sports athletes in general lie about their height and weight.”


Donald Trump

So He Lied On His ID?

“Having worked in a jail. We use whatever the ID says, so that was his height and weight from the last ID….we all know its not right. But that is not something he would be responsible to write on the booking form.”


300 At Least!

“People saying yeah this looks about right cause fat takes more space. Bro I was 5’10, 200. There is no way 6’3 215 looks like that. Trump is pushing close to 300 at least. At the f***ing very least.”


Possibly Accurate Comparison?

“I feel sooner than later a conversation needs to be had about how muscle weight and fat weight differs…fat weight takes up twice as much space as the same weight of muscle so this is indeed a possibly accurate comparison …and very much so.”


Donald Trump

Closer To 315 Than 215

“Yeah I’m 5’9” and 195lb. I do work out pretty often so I’m not chubby but I’m also not jacked with muscle. There’s no way he’s only 20lbs heavier and 5” taller than me but has a massive belly and several chins. At that height and weight, he wouldn’t be that fat. Probably closer to 315 than 215. He’s also shorter than other politicians who aren’t even 6’3.”


Another Comparison For Fun

“I’m 6’3, and when I was 215lbs I did not look THAT fat. It’s overweight but a ‘looks good’ overweight, if you get me? I’m only 20lbs lighter now and have had several people comment on how thin I’m looking. If Trump loses 20lbs you reckon he gets that? I think not.”


How About One More Comparison?

“Either Trump is way shorter than 6’3” or he is WAY heavier than 295 lbs. I’m 55 years old, 6’3″ and 295 lbs. I am tall but also old and fat, with a very respectable paunch I have spent years building. Scaled up to my height, Trump is a LOT wider in the belly/hips, with some weak-ass shoulders. There is no WAY he is both over 6 feet tall and less than 300 lbs. Not unless his weight is being taken on the moon. But this dude also insists he won 2020 after losing over 63 lawsuits claiming election fraud. Like his diaper, Trump is full of $#!t.”


While it seems that most Redditors had the same thoughts in mind about the topic, there were a few in the bunch who made excuses as to why Trump is not lying. But those were few and far between.

What comment would you add to this Reddit thread about Trump’s height and weight? We’d love to hear it!

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