February 25, 2024

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‘RHOSLC’ Star Jen Shah’s Husband Reveals Her Prison Birthday Celebration

Jen Shah had the most heartwarming response to her birthday celebration.

Although the star of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” is currently serving a prison sentence, her husband, Sharrieff Shah, ensured she was able to enjoy a special celebration behind bars. 

Jen Shah’s Husband Opens Up About Her Prison Birthday

Taking to his wife’s Instagram page, the University Of Utah football coach provided fans insight into her life in confinement especially as she recently turned 50.

Looking dapper in a black suit, white shirt, and matching tie, the clip captioned, “A message from Coach Shah!” saw the father-of-two detailing how the reality TV star reacted to all the love and support on her 50th birthday while serving her reduced 5.5-year sentence. 

In the uploaded video, he acknowledged that their current situation was not what they initially envisioned. However, he expressed a profound belief that their present circumstance was precisely where they were meant to be according to a higher plan.

Instagram | Jen Shah

He outlined two significant things those incarcerated needed: “One, they need to be reassured they have not been forgotten. Two, they need our time.” Because of this, he “contacted 50 of her family members and closest friends and asked them to write a birthday text or message to me, and I would give it to her.” 

Her reaction to them was overwhelming as he explained that “it was more than I could have ever imagined.” He shared that in the limited 10 minutes, they had to converse, “My wife cried and cried tears of joy and appreciation for at least six minutes.” 

Sharrieff also read out a few of the messages from her friends. One of them read, “The numbers will change, but who you are deep inside will always remain the same: beautiful, limitless, wonderful, creative, strong and capable.”

The messages sent to the star must have resulted from an earlier plan by Jen’s friend. Apparently, the TV personality’s close pal had reportedly planned for the incarcerated star to be showered with heartfelt wishes and love from her dedicated fans.

On her Instagram page, the mother-of-two’s friend penned a message announcing the gesture: “Hi Shah Squad, As many of you know, tomorrow is Jen’s Birthday! Many of you send send-in messages checking in and wishing her well. Ally appreciates that.” 

The message encouraged followers to reply to the Instagram story with their messages so they could send “an email out to her around 12am (MTN) with everyone’s wishes! ❤️ Nurilo.”

In case you missed it, Jen received a prison sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Prosecutors alleged that she was involved in a scheme to defraud and cheat people out of money.

Jen Shah's Husband Reveals Her Reaction To Special Birthday Celebration In Prison
Instagram | Jen Shah

In February, she reported to the Bryan Federal Prison Camp in Texas to start serving her sentence. Remarkably, she received a reduction just a month into her term, shortening her initial six-and-a-half-year sentence by a year.

Coach Sharrieff Shah Refuses To Make A ‘RHOSLC’ Season 4 Appearance 

In April, it was reported that although the Salt Lake City-based coach was approached to film scenes, he opted not to participate. Apparently, the producers were keen on a scene where he would join the ranks of other “house husbands” for a candid chat. 

Surprisingly, he rejected the request, expressing dissatisfaction with how the show producers handled Jen’s arrest and incarceration. He chose not to give them another chance to potentially portray their family negatively.

Jen was also supposed to have spoken with Andy Cohen but disclosed that “This specific one-on-one interview was not part of my RHOSLC reality tv contract.” She added, “I promised myself and my loving family that I would not allow this portion of my life to be sensationalized or inaccurately conveyed.”

The star expressed her decision to withhold comment or explanation for the time being, believing it was better to keep quiet until she could accurately share her side of the story. Her choice stemmed from her frustration with the “complete lies and misrepresentations” of herself circulating in the media. 

It was also reported that Sharrieff was not inclined to socialize with the other husbands, especially not in front of the cameras. This meant that off-camera, he maintained amicable relationships with Seth Marks, Meredith Marks’ husband, and Lisa Barlow’s husband, John Barlow.

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