February 25, 2024

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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Says He ‘Fell In Love’ With Only One Of His Wives

Kody Brown has decided to stick beside his fourth and only wife, Robyn Brown, claiming she is the only one who gives him butterflies in his stomach.

The reality star, who welcomed cameras into his home while navigating life with four wives under one roof, faced multiple marital problems over the past two years. With three “Sister Wives” gone and a messy and impossible attempt to salvage things, the end of the plural marriage has some painful information surfacing.

Kody Brown Says He Has Only Always Had Eyes For Robyn Brown

The 54-year-old disclosed that he and his last wife, Robyn, share a much closer bond than the rest of his marriage.

He acknowledged this in the first episode of the new season of “Sister Wives One-on-One” special with Sukanya Krishnan adding that he had never felt love before his marriage to the 45-year-old. Despite being married to Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown before Robyn, he said:

“I fell in love with Robyn, i never fell in love with anybody else. I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love with them.”


Kody also described how meeting Robyn felt saying, “I met Robyn, and there was a safety and a vulnerability that I had never experienced in my life. And I met her and I started weeping for joy and didn’t stop for months.”

As for Robyn, Kody’s feelings just became obvious to her recently, and she had no idea all these years. Her major concern was trying everything she could to keep the family together. Robyn explained:

“I did my best. I don’t know what else I was supposed to do. But I did my best to not have it be something that was painful for them. I constantly was suppressing and hiding my relationship and any kind of connection I had with Kody.” 

However, some of the sister wives could see through Kody, as Meri confirmed that Kody and Robyn have always had a “soul connection,” and he is genuinely happy with her. The 52-year-old only wished it had not happened at the expense of the rest of the family, adding:

“I think everybody should have that. I think it’s very unfortunate that the rest of the family had to go by the wayside to get that.”

Kody has also expressed his guilt about not feeling strong emotions for the other three women in the past. He also admits that polygamy is an “institutionally unfair lifestyle,” but the women had a choice to choose their husbands, and they chose him.

Amid the drama, Christine and Janelle have become best friends after splitting from the reality star. This development has allegedly made Kody jealous, according to Christine, who added:

“He’s probably getting a dose of what it’s like to be a sister wife. Here you go buddy. This is what it’s been like for 26 years. Take off your blinders and look and see what it’s like for us.”

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In a promo clip for the remaining episode of the special, Kody described Christine as a “s—t sister wife,” adding that “She’ll probably, and I hope, be a very good wife for David.”

Kody Brown Has Drawn The Curtains On Reconciling With His Estranged Wives

Prior to his latest revelation, the 54-year-old declared his intention to dissolve his plural marriage and call it quits on mending fences with Meri, Janelle, or Christine.

The “Sister Wives” star stated this with Meri and Robyn present as he told Robyn, “You want something we can’t have together. This appears to be the end of our plural marriage.”

Robyn, who only agreed to marry Kody due to her deep connection to plural marriage, was upset with Kody’s decision and broke down in tears, stating that she just “wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives.”

The 45-year-old has also been hands-on at making sure Meri and Kody come back together, as shared by The Blast, but Meri doubled down on her decision to leave Kody’s life.

The mother of one disclosed the events that unfolded at their last unimpressive anniversary celebration, adding that their marriage broke down because they saw life differently.

“I didn’t marry Kody and make this eternal covenant just to be like, ‘Mmm, it’s not working for us. I think I’ll peace out,” she added about her marital vows, which she did not find easy to break.

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