February 25, 2024

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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Cutting Daughter’s Hair Sparks Concern

Jenelle Evans is raising eyebrows about her parenting style and her daughter’s welfare after a recent TikTok video has fans worried.

The ‘Teen Mom’ alum has been in the news for the wrong reasons after her husband, David Eason, was charged with child abuse following a shocking incident involving her son, Jace Evans.

Jenelle has, however, stuck by her husband’s side, denying all accusations against him.

Jenelle Evans Cuts Daughter’s Hair, Fans Worry About Her Welfare

Over the weekend, the reality star engaged her three million followers on TikTok, sharing a video of her giving her daughter Ensley a new trendy haircut. While flaunting the result, Jenelle made her daughter give a 360-degree turn while looking into the camera.

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The clip comes amid Jenelle and her husband’s trouble with Child Protective Services, so fans seemed quite observant of the seven-year-old’s demeanor. Ensley looked somber while staring at the camera but flashed a brief smile when her mother called her “beautiful.”

The video garnered over 14,000 likes and more than 500 comments. However, some followers expressed concern about Ensley’s state, claiming she looked afraid and was putting up a fake smile. “So I’m the only one who noticed that girl don’t look happy,” remarked one fan.

One follower observed, “She looks scared of you… like you just yelled at her,” while another wrote, “She looks like she is going to start crying.” Another comment read, “She looks so unhappy,” while another follower remarked, “She looks distraught.”

The “16 and Pregnant” star refused to reply to any negative comments. However, in a follow-up post, she responded to a stitched video from a critic who slammed her for posting loved-up photos of her and Eason on Instagram.

On Friday, she posted romantic photos with the caption, “No matter where I go, I’m loved by you, no matter where we are, you always make me laugh, no matter where we are, you know how to take away my anxiety, no matter where you are you don’t let anyone walk all over me, no matter where you are you protect me. Let them say whatever about us because we will be just fine. I love youuu babeeeee ?❤️.”

The disappointed fan called out Jenelle for always “choosing a man over her kids,” but the 31-year-old fired off a response with a video of her in a car.


“Because I post a picture of me and my husband, of a photoshoot that we did like three months ago before any of this incident happened, I’m a horrible person. I choose men over my children,” she began her rant.

Then she proceeded to show Eason in the driver’s seat before declaring she had been with him since 2015. “I think you’re confused because last time I checked David [Eason] is part of our family, and I’m not going to choose one person or the other,” she continued. “So you’re saying I should stay single for the rest of my life; have no man and just be by myself.”

As expected, the video received immense backlash from fans. One fan wrote, “Watching this video shows just how much counseling you need. He’s family yes, but your children are BLOOD. More worried about being single than a mom.” Another comment read, “So you’re admitting you’re choosing him over your child? That’s so wild to me.”

Jenelle Evans Estranged From Teenage Son Amid Husband’s Child Abuse Charge

As we previously reported, Eason was charged with misdemeanor child abuse in October after Child Protective Services (CPS) and North Carolina’s Columbus County Police got involved due to Jace’s recent runaway from home.

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The teenager had run away from home thrice in one month, sparking concern about his well-being. His last attempt in September saw the minor sneak out the window and run into the woods in September.

Apparently, “visible marks” were seen on his neck and arm when he was found and hospitalized. Cops began investigating the possibility of child neglect. There were also reports that Jace complained to his grandmother, Barbara Evans, that Eason was assaulting him.

Following the child abuse charge, Jace is said to be living with his grandmother under the custody of Child Protective Services. He reportedly hasn’t communicated with his mom, Jenelle, and her husband for over a month.

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