February 25, 2024

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TikTok Video Unearthing Crocs’ History Goes Viral Amid Cowboy Boots Release

Crocs‘ latest cowboy boots announcement has pointed attention to an intriguing video on TikTok about their creation!

The clip is currently breaking the internet after spilling rather bizarre information on the footwear that has now become a massive part of pop culture. Crocs was founded by Colorado natives Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedecker Jr. in 2001 following the release of a foam clog by Canadian company Foam Creations.

Crocs First Appeared As A Cameo In A Movie Project

Word around the block is that the famous Crocs were spotted in a 2006 movie titled “Idiocracy.” TikTok user @angrygymteacher uploaded a short clip talking about one of his new favorite films, and according to him, something interesting caught his eye. 

In the viral video, which has now gathered over 800k likes, he narrated the plot of “Idiocracy” as he said:

“I learnt something new about the film “Idiocracy” today, which, if you’ve never seen it, shame on you. It’s almost 20 years old now, and it’s a hilarious movie about a dystopian future where American society has evolved to the point where everybody is just a complete id**t.”

@angrygymteacher I’ve become somewhat obsessed with this film recently, and i JUST learned this hilarious fact today! Did you know this? #idiocracy #idiocracy_was_a_prophecy #crocsdaddy #crocsgang #peteachersoftiktok #teachersoftiktok ♬ original sound – The Angry Gym Teacher

He added that the costume designer in the movie worked with a small budget, and when the characters needed shoes to wear, he came up with a “futuristic, but also really st–id” shoe style.

“She found this small startup company that was making shoes, and they weren’t like out in the world yet. He was like these are perfect because they look ridiculous,” he added.

@angrygymteacher then disclosed that the movie producer Mike Judge spoke about the possibility of the company becoming huge and Crocs becoming a vast fashion piece. The judge’s statement was immediately dismissed by the costume designer, who said:

“Are you kidding? These are ridiculous; nobody’s ever actually gonna wear these shoes. Look at them.”

The man then revealed to his followers that the shoes were, in fact, Crocs as he exclaimed, “Just normal Crocs! We’re all wearing id–t shoes.” He concluded the video by admitting that he has two pairs and plans to buy three more as he wondered if his discovery was “common knowledge” to fans of the movie.

Other TikTok users immediately stormed the comment section to express their reservations about Crocs. One unimpressed fan wrote, “I knew I hated Crocs for some subliminal reason.” the second added: “never owned Crocs and now I am proud of that fact.”

One more commenter expressed his pride in having “never owned crocs.” While the fourth agreed with the movie’s plot as they wrote: “We’re everyday closer to that movie. It’s too accurate.” An honorary mention is a fifth comment from Crocs itself, which read: “started from the bottom, but we’re here now.”


Then another TikToker wrote, “I will never succumb to Crocs.” as a seventh commenter joked about the cops laughing at him when they found a pair of Crocs in his car.

Crocs Debut New Crazy Plastic Cowboy Boots 

As part of its “futuristic” aesthetic, the American footwear company launched a new addition to its range. The new drop features boots with shiny embroidery details with the Crocs logo and its signature Crocskin texture that is famous for being lightweight and breathable.

The new design has a spinning piece at the back and two Jibbitz charms, including a golden Croc Star charm and a 2023 Cowboy Duke Jibbitz. The aesthetic of this new drop pays homage to the cowboy fashion trend as it imitates the Classic Cowboy Boot.

Per Daily Mail, It’s set to launch exclusively online on October 23, up for $120. In its usual manner, the move has attracted mixed reactions from social media users, especially on Instagram.

One user wrote, “No now y’all have gone too far.” While a very irritated user added: “Don’t annoy me right now.” A confused fan expressed his dilemma on an important choice:

Bruh which one do I buy?! With these new Crocs you’re releasing I ain’t got that much money to buy them all!!.” the fourth user expressed his disappointment over the timing of the drop: “Where were these when I needed comfortable shoes for the Renaissance Tour?.”

Another fan wrote, @paddy_x_focus @barberbrogs_ please see the light, they can’t be allowed to get away with this ??.” 

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