February 24, 2024

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Travis Kelce’s Focus In ‘On The Future’, Not Taylor Swift’s Concert

Despite rumors that Travis Kelce planned to attend a Taylor Swift concert on the Chiefs bye week, it looks like his main focus is now football and getting in shape.

The Kansas City Chiefs are on a bye week this week, but the tight end is focusing on “the future”, meaning next week’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles — and not going out and about.

Travis Kelce’s Focus Is ‘On The Future’


Is there “Bad Blood” in the water for Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? The pop star has been attending Chiefs games to cheer on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at various stadiums throughout the United States, but it looks like Travis Kelce won’t be cheering on his girlfriend at her concert — yet.

On his podcast, which he hosts with his brother, Eagles player Jason Kelce, Travis said he needs to focus on next week’s game, in which his team will play his brother’s team — a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl.

As the Chiefs are aiming for the playoffs, Travis Kelce says he must remain focused and keep the brain on football — not going out and about.. seemingly hinting that he will not be attending Taylor Swift’s concert after all.

Although he did not specifically say he wouldn’t be in attendance for Taylor Swift’s concert (as reports previously suggested), Travis did say “[I] never like to plan things” on bye weeks. “You just don’t know how healthy you’re gonna be or how you’re gonna feel whether you’re winning or losing,” he continued.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce attend the SNL afterparty in New York

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Travis clarified that his only goal is to “get as healthy as possible going into arguably the biggest game … on the schedule” against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I definitely got the future in mind and got to get this body right,” the 34-year-old said. “I’m not trying to go and f–king be out and about if we’re out here losing,” in regard to his team’s “fortunate” 7-2 record thus far this season.

Travis Kelce’s comments come after he allegedly had plans to visit Swift overseas during the Argentina leg of her tour, which kicks off November 9 — on his bye week of football.

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Still Going Strong?

Taylor Swift, Brittany Mahomes Share Secret Handshake At Chief Game

Although Kelce seemingly does not plan to go overseas to see Swift in concert, Swifties don’t need to worry as the “Love Story” singer was just seen hanging out and sipping champagne with Brittany Mahomes — the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

See the adorable photos of Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift here.

Patrick and Travis are very close friends, as they are not only teammates, but Travis was a groomsman at Patrick and Brittany’s wedding. It’s very unlikely Taylor Swift would be hanging out with Brittany Mahomes if Travis and Taylor weren’t on good terms. It seems Travis’s focus right now is football, which, fans should blame him for.

Travis and Taylor have been spotted holding hands on various occasions, and have been out on multiple dates, but of course, the two cannot be together 24/7 as they both have their individual lives.

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