March 3, 2024

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Tyler Cameron’s Brutal Truth About Reality TV: It’s ‘Psychological Warfare’

Tyler Cameron, who is known for his time in the reality television world, is dishing on what the experience was like, calling it a “psychological warfare.”

The 30-year-old has appeared on “The Bachelorette,” when he fought for Hannah Brown’s heart, and more recently, on “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.”

When speaking on both experiences, Cameron admitted he would rather look for love than compete on “Special Forces.”

Tyler Cameron Speaks His Truth On Reality Television


“Both [shows are] psychological warfare,” Cameron told Us Weekly in a new interview on “The Bachelorette” and “Special Forces.” “But I would definitely say ‘Special Forces’ is tougher,” he added. “I get to go to nice exotic places on ‘The Bachelor’ and do all that stuff. I go to exotic miserable places with ‘Special Forces’.”

The newest season of “Special Forces” premiered in September. Cameron joins other reality stars including Bachelor Nation’s Nick Viall, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Tom Sandoval, and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant JoJo Siwa.

“I was on the edge the whole time,” he told Us Weekly in regard to the final challenge on the show. “I was like, I don’t know how I can keep going further. I feel like they’re going to kill me in this sense. I’m beyond freezing. I feel like I’m experiencing hypothermia. I’ve never had it before, [but] I was jackhammering, shivering.”

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Tyler Cameron On Reality TV: It Is 'Psychological Warfare'

The “Bachelorette” alum then went on to explain how the experience brings the contestants closer even though the demand of the show can be tiring. “It is almost like you’re just pulling for people to get past points that we’ve never been to before,” he explained to the outlet.

“And I think when you go through something like we’ve gone through, it brings you together and builds a bond. That’s one thing I love about football. We’d be up at 5:30 in the morning doing crazy training, workouts, all that stuff. It created a bond because we were trying to do something that’s bigger than us.”

Tyler Cameron Says His Brother Was His Inspiration For Competing On ‘Special Forces’

Tyler Cameron's Brutal Truth About Reality TV: It's 'Psychological Warfare'

When deciding on whether to compete on “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test,” he said that his brother, Austin Cameron, who is an infantry officer in the U.S. Army, was his inspiration.

Cameron’s brother told him how proud he was after deciding to compete on the reality show.

“He’s like, ‘It scares me how good you are at this. Probably even better than I am,’” he said of his conversation with his brother. “And I’m like, ‘Austin, you got to understand, this is me knowing that there’s actually no gun at the end of this that’s going to be shooting me one day. Your mind and your mentality and bravery are so much more advanced than mine. I would never put myself in those positions, but you’re willing to and make that sacrifice.”

Tyler Cameron On Why He Joined ‘Special Forces’

Tyler Cameron On Reality TV: It Is 'Psychological Warfare'

“The Bachelor” alum also opened up to Deadline about the moment he decided to compete on the show. “I was actually going through a really tough time. I was just burnt out,” he said, adding, “I’d just got done renovating my ninth house of the year.”

“The last one wasn’t really going so well, and I was just upset, pissed, because I needed to get away,” Cameron continued. “I was gonna put myself on vacation anyways. Then this came up and I was like, ‘This would be my vacation.’ I watched the show. I was like, it can’t be that hard. When I heard New Zealand, I was like, ‘Sweet, it’s beautiful there.’ I didn’t realize it was wintertime.”

That is when Cameron realized the experience would not be a vacation. “So it was not a vacation I was really looking for, but I made sure I got a little bit of a vacation on the back end of it. Greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

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