March 3, 2024

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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5’s Only Married Couple Is No Longer Living Together

The only married couple from season 5 of “Love Is Blind” to say “I Do” at the altar are no longer living together a year and a half after getting married.

Although fans saw Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Jamies Milton Johnson IV cuddled up together on the couch during the “Love Is Blind” reunion, which aired on Sunday, the two revealed that they are not even living in the same state at the moment!

‘Love Is Blind’ S5’s Lydia and Milton Are No Longer Living Together Following Reunion

Although they are still married, the fan-favorite couple is no longer living together while they continue to grow in their respective careers. Lydia revealed that she just got a new job, while Milton moved from Houston, Texas, to Long Beach, California, to pursue her MBA.

“Right now we’re really focused on our careers — I got a new job, it just started a month ago, he has a new job, has been there for a year but he just got relocated to Long Beach actually,” Lydia told Entertainment Weekly following the “Love Is Blind” season 5 reunion. “We are trying to get used to this new schedule and he’s also doing his MBA. He loves to go to school, apparently, this is his second master’s. We are just trying to really thrive in our careers.”

Instagram | James Milton Johnson IV

Although the two are living in different states, they are still trying to see if they can make their relationship last. “We just miss each other so much, so every second that we have together, we try to really cherish it and try to be there as much as we can for each other when we are actually in the same place,” she said, confessing, “Right now we’re limited.”

“The challenge is just traveling in airports. I hate airports so much, but besides that, it’s been amazing. We really miss each other and it just makes you even love each other more,” she said. “It’s so good to have him here when you come from work instead of being alone. It is your best friend so obviously you want to see them all the time.”

Lydia Jokes About Having The First ‘LIB’ Baby

Although host Vanessa Lachey did not ask any questions about who will have the first “Love Is Blind” baby like she did in the season 4 reunion, Lydia was still asked if she plans to be the first one. “We’re not there,” Lydia replied. “We are not in our full potential yet.” However, she does plan to have a family with Milton eventually. “But yes, it is in our plans to form a family, have a baby,” she said. That’ll come along the way.”

When asked what she would like fans to take away from the show, she said that she would like them to focus on the positive aspects of their relationship and not the drama that unfolded in the pods with her ex, Uche Okorhoa.

Instagram | Lydia Arleen
Instagram | Lydia Velez Gonzalez

“This is not my show and I appreciate that everybody has their job to put [out] the most entertaining show for the viewers, but one thing that I would love for everybody to see is how much we love each other, how playful we are,” she said. “You just saw a tiny bit of it. We play and prank each other and try to tickle each other or try to spank each other, it’s just fun.”

She also revealed that she has no plans to repair her relationship with her former pod friend, Aaliyah Cosby, who had started dating Lydia’s ex, Uche, but later walked away from filming after becoming uncomfortable with the relationship between the pair. “I don’t have any relationship with her,” Lydia said. “I wish her the best. She looks like she’s thriving and I’m happy for her.”

Lydia Is ‘Beyond Proud’ Of Their Journey

Although the two don’t have any pictures posted together on social media, she did take to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo of their wedding rings. “Life with you is the most fun, cheerful, and loving,” she wrote in the caption. “I feel so blessed to have found the ONE, the one that goes above and beyond everything he does. Being loved by you is a privilege, that I don’t take for granted. My husband, my partner, my best friend, you were the answer to all my prayers and manifestations.”

“I am beyond proud of us, and our journey. We have overcome hurdles that have failed to diminish our love for one another. Our marriage is vibrant proof of resilience, compassion, and happiness,” she continued. “Two years ago I had the hope to find someone who would love me the same way I love them, but you have exceeded that hope. I’ve always been taught to be strong, independent, and to stand up for myself.”

“You came into my life and told me ‘Let me be that person for you, I want to be your safety net,’ and you have excelled at it, the way you care for me and make your arms feel like home is priceless. My husband is a smart, loving, adventurer, and we make each other better,” she concluded. “I love you beyond the beyond James, thank you for being an excellent man.”

“Love you to the moon and back,” Milton replied.

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